Welcome to the Jazz Guitar Elements Lessons Blog. Here you can find lessons on Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, Improvisation and articles on various jazz guitar topics. It’s a place to find great information to help you improve your jazz guitar skills.

Each post will in most cases have explanations of the skill being presented, include both music notation and tabs to help with the fingerings as well as an audio track so you can hear how everything sounds.

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Microphones to Record a Jazz Guitar Amp

Post by Michael Berard

10 Note Scale

Post by Michael Berard

Improvising with Triads (Arpeggios)

Post by Michael Berard

Autumn Thieves (Stealing from the melody)

Post by Michael Berard

Harmonic Minor

Post by Michael Berard

7th Scales (Dom7 and Half Diminished Chords)

Post by Michael Berard

Starting Lines (Early and Late)

Post by Michael Berard

Improvising with Arpeggios

Post by Michael Berard

“Getting Started with Scales on the Guitar” 

Guest post by Marc-Andre Seguin of jazzguitarlessons.net